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Yucca rostrata, 210 cm trunk, 3 heads! (31-007R)

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Yucca rostrata, 210 cm trunk, 3 heads! (31-007R)
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Yucca rostrata multihead, Half a year ago

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  • Yucca rostrata multihead, Half a year ago


We do have hundreds of Yucca rostratas in all forms: green/blue, trimmed/untrimmed, single/multihead...
So the ones you find here is only a selection of our total stock.

Yucca rostrata is one of the most beautiful and well know desert yucca's, with its nearly spherical heads, formed by numerous long blue-green to blue-grey leaves of 40-70 cm long.
Yucca rostrata is a single trunked species 2-5 m tall, branched specimens occur but are rare.
Y.rostrata is found in north eastern Mexico and in western Texas. In the region north of Monclova and Quatro Cienegas in the State of Coahuile, Mexico all the way to the Big Bend Region in West Texas along the Rio Grande,
Y.rostrata forms very heavy trunks with a small root part, barely wider than the trunk.
The plants of this variation can grow up to 5-6 m.
The plant will withstand temperatures down to -15°C, when rooted properly.

Extra informatie

Stamhoogte: 210-219 cm
Planthoogte 260-270 cm
Totaalhoogte: 290-300 cm
Een- / meerkoppig: meerkoppig
Geknipt / ongeknipt: geknipt
Plant diameter: Nee
Pot size: Nee
Bladkleur: blauw
Min. temperatuur: -20 / -25°C
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Prijs: € 515,00

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