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Yucca linearifolia "Galeana", ± 20 cm plant height

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Yucca linearifolia 'Galeana' young plants.

Yucca linearifolia "Galeana", ± 20 cm plant height

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Young plants of Yucca linearifolia ' Galeana'
Blue Yucca linearifolia!

There are two species of Y. linearifolia: a green form which is wide spread and has been described in 1995, and a blue variety, we give the name Y. linearifolia ' Galeana'.
This is a special and still exclusive yucca which has been introduced by us worldwide shortly after discovering.
This blue form has its origin in a very small part in the north eastern part of Mexico,
It has flexible, long blue/grey leaves up to 50-120 cm long, forming a perfectly spherical head.
This Y. linearifolia forms a cluster of 3-5 smaller trunks around a central trunk and can grow up to 200-250 cm in nature, but in cultivation on our farm we have reached heights of 4 m.
This plant can withstand temperatures below -18°C and has some other unique qualities that makes it stand out.
It forms multiple trunks at the base that can be propagated through cuttings.
So if for any reason the base of the trunk is rotten or broken, it can be cut off and the plant will make new roots through the outer trunk layer. Another remarkable quality is that if the crown is rotten away you can treat it for mould and the plant will make new heads.
The blue form 'galeana' is a fast grower, the green form is much slower.
We have never seen Y. linearifolia branching in nature, but in cultivation this happens sometimes after flowering.
Frost resistant till -22°C.

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Stamhoogte: Nee
Planthoogte Nee
Totaalhoogte: 10-20 cm
Een- / meerkoppig: Nee
Geknipt / ongeknipt: Nee
Plant diameter: Nee
Pot size: Nee
Bladkleur: blauw
Min. temperatuur: -20 / -25°C
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Prijs: € 9,95

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