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Yucca faxoniana 110/155/170 cm trunk/plant/total (18-015)

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Yucca faxoniana rooted, 110 cm trunk (18-015).
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Yucca faxoniana

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  • Yucca faxoniana


Yucca faxoniana rooted.

Trunk height: 110 cm
Plant height: 155 cm
Total height: 170 cm

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Yucca faxoniana is a large imposing plant which mainly grows in western Texas around the Sierra Blanca region and the bordering Mexican States of Coahuile and Chihuahua. Mainly the Big Bend Area, divided by the Rio Grande.
Y.faxoniana plants can reach a height of 6-10 m.

Sometimes Y.faxoniana branches out after flowering, forming two heads, growing close together.
Branched trunks are rarely seen but very impressive.
We have some for sale, see our photo galery on www.tropicalcentre.eu.

The green leaves are 90-110 cm long and 5 cm in width, but in cultivation they can reach a length of 120-140 cm, forming a symmetrical head.
The leaf margin has a brown line from which thin, almost non visible curled white filaments are growing.
It is cold hardy from -18°C for longer periods to -23°C for short periods.

Be sure you buy the real Yucca faxoniana as some nurseries sell Y.carnerosana!
The look is some what similar, but there are a few differences, like size and filaments, but above all Y.faxoniana is really more frost resistant.

Extra informatie

Stamhoogte: 110-119 cm
Planthoogte 150-160 cm
Totaalhoogte: 170-180 cm
Een- / meerkoppig: eenkoppig
Geknipt / ongeknipt: geknipt
Plant diameter: Nee
Pot size: Nee
Bladkleur: groen
Min. temperatuur: -20 / -25°C
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Prijs: € 352,00

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