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Dicksonia antarctica 5 ltr. pot

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Dicksonia antarctica 5 ltr. pot

Dicksonia antarctica 5 ltr. pot

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Best-known tree fern from Australia, with a massive red brown to dark brown trunk, that is 4-5 m and sometimes reaching 10-15 m.
The leaves are middle to dark green and 4.5 m long. Young fronds are a shade lighter of colour.
It has a great adaptability to various circumstances, which makes it clear why it is often seen in cultivation. It responds best to a mild and moist environment. Placed on a sunny location it is in need of more water compared to more shady circumstances. In good conditions the tree fern grows approx. 3 cm each year.
This is a very-cold hardy tree fern -10°C. It can be planted in the garden but it has to be covered at -5°C with straw and a rush-mat. Make sure the roots are protected by leaves, straw or other available materials.

Extra informatie

Stamhoogte: Nee
Planthoogte N/B
Totaalhoogte: Nee
Een- / meerkoppig: eenkoppig
Geknipt / ongeknipt: geknipt
Plant diameter: Nee
Pot size: 5 ltr.
Bladkleur: groen
Min. temperatuur: Nee
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Prijs: € 28,50

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