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Combi offer: 300 ML Palmbooster and 1000 ML Palmfocus

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1 x 300 ML Palmbooster and 1 x 1000 ML Palmfocus to keep your plants in top condition!

Combi palm booster and focus

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  • Combi palm booster and focus


1 Bottle 300 ml Palmbooster and 1 Bottle 1000 ml Palmfocus to keep your plants in top condition!

Palmbooster is a specialist product designed to encourage strong root growth that works especially well with palms.
Experiments have proven it produces a stronger, healthier, more robust and vigorous plant, better able to resist winter cold.
Whether used in the nursery, or to sell to private clients, in our tests it has produced outstanding results.
It has become something of a cult product amongst membership of the European Palm Society where many members find it is a must have product.

Palm Focus is precisely formulated for the needs of palms, especially for those grown in pots and containers.
Palm Focus is designed to support healthy, vigorous growth and long term viability.
Soil fertility is the key to success and it is maintained in pots by Palm Focus with its rich supply of organic plant acids and pure concentrates of seaweed.

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Stamhoogte: Nee
Planthoogte Nee
Totaalhoogte: Nee
Een- / meerkoppig: Nee
Geknipt / ongeknipt: Nee
Plant diameter: Nee
Pot size: 300 and 1000ml
Bladkleur: Nee
Min. temperatuur: Nee
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Prijs: € 26,50

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